The Polytechnic School was established in 1870, the same year that the Royal Naval School was founded. The main purpose of the Royal Naval School was to promote and guide transition due to the Second Industrial Revolution, which was a determining factor in the industrial development of the city of Genova and of the country as a whole. Just a few stats are enough to show the innovative drive of that time period, as well as the bold development vision that was shared by the founders of the Royal Naval School: In 1865, merely 3 out of the 1274 vessels on the Italian Naval Register were mechanically propelled, while the other 1271 were sailing ships. Only 40 years later would the number of mechanically propelled vessels surpass the number of sailing ships.

Today, the Polytechnic School maintains the same innovative vision as in those years. Every day, the School’s labs host cutting-edge research in the scientific and technological areas of Engineering and Architecture. In the School’s classrooms, lectures and conferences are held daily. In the School’s rooms and along its corridors, ideas are born, developed, discussed, and explored.

Areas and Fields of Research


Department of Architecture and Design
Department of IT, Bioengineering, Robotics and Systems Engineering
Department of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Department of Naval, Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering
Department of Mechanical, Energetic, Management and Transport Engineering
Sea Center

Last update 27 April 2022