Undergraduate Degrees (Laurea)

Biomedical Engineering
Chemical and Process Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electronic Engineering and Information Technologies
Management Engineering
Computer Engineering
Mechanical Engineering - Genova
Mechanical Engineering - La Spezia
Mechanical Engineering - Energy and Production
Nautical Engineering
Naval Engineering
Maritime science and technology




Master’s Degrees (Laurea Magistrale)

Biomedical Engineering
Computer engineering
Digital Humanities - Communication and New Media - DiHu
Energy Engineering
Engineering for building retrofitting
Engineering for natural risk management
Engineering technology for strategy and security - Strategos
Environmental engineering
Chemical and Process Engineering
Civil Engineering
Construction Engineering - Architecture
Electrical Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Management Engineering
Computer Engineering
Mechanical Engineering - Energy and Aeronautics
Mechanical Engineering - Design and Production
Naval Engineering
Internet and multimedia engineering
Robotics engineering
Safety engineering for transport, logistics and production
Yacht design




Postgraduate Courses (Master)

The University of Genoa offers both I and II Level Master Diplomas (Master universitari di I e II livello), which can be accessed with an Undergraduate (laurea) and Master’s Degree (laurea magistrale) respectively.

For more information please visit the official University Postgraduate Courses   Portal





Bioengineering and Robotics
Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Model, Machine, and Energy, Environment and Transport Systems Engineering
Ingegneria meccanica, energetica e gestionale
Joint Doctorate in Interactive and Cognitive Environments - (JD ICE)
Science and technology for electronics and telecommunication engineering
Scienze e tecnologie per l'ingegneria elettrica e i sistemi complessi per la mobilità
Security, risk and vulnerabilityComputer science and systems engineering
Digital Humanities
PhD program in Marine Science and Technologies Curriculum Engineering for Marine and Coastal Environments
Doctorate of the Sea



Last update 18 February 2022