Orientation and Tutoring

Orientation and Tutoring Office

Information about the courses offered by the University of Genoa can be accessed here, where you will find the Student Guide (Guida dello Studente) and the updated Course List (Manifesto degli Studi).

If you are looking for assistance or would like more information about the Academic Tutors, please visit this page to learn more about the current University Tutors and to apply to the Tutor selection process.


Opening hours

The Orientation and Tutoring Office is closed to the public, but all support will be provided remotely. 

The office can be contacted by telephone from 09:00 to 11:00 or by email. 



Due to the call diversion system, when the number is called, it will keep ringing as available, even though the operator may be busy in a call with another user. In this case, please try again after a few minutes, or, alternatively, please write to one of the email addresses below.



Orientation Commission

Ilaria Gnecco - DICCA Delegate - Coordinator
Andrea Bonfiglio  - DITEN Delegate
Marco Fato - DIBRIS Delegate
Annalisa Marchitto - Delegato DIME 
Antonella Pantani - DAD educational support manager
Giulia Pellegri - DAD Delegate
Elena Tortora - DIBRIS educational support manager
Cristina Larosa - Polytechic Students Information Desk



Last update 6 July 2022