Genoa Venue


La Scuola Politecnica di Ingegneria e Architettura ha le sue sedi principali nella città di Genova.

The Polytechnic School of Engineering and Architecture is mainly located in the city of Genoa.
The Engineering Pole is located in Albaro, a residential district with a view of the Mediterranean Sea, with beaches, swimming pools and sports venues, and enriched by the presence of gardens and historical villas. Among these is the monumental complex of Villa Giustiniani-Cambiaso, built by Galeazzo Alessi in 1548. Since 1921 it has housed the headquarters of the Royal Naval School; now, it houses the Presidency of the Polytechnic School, as well as being equipped with reading rooms, study rooms, and a conference room.

The Architecture Pole is located in the historical Molo district, an ancient pre-Roman settlement in Genoa. This lively district is now the entertainment and cultural hub of the city. Located right next to the most ancient area of the Port, the Molo district was for centuries the home of both political and religious power of the city.
Via Montallegro, 1 - 16145 Genova
+010 3352400+010 3352539



Savona Campus

The Savona Pole of the Polytechnic School, founded in 1992, is located within the Savona Campus.

Built after the model of American college campuses, full of green and pedestrian areas, the Campus sports educational facilities, research labs, various businesses, and an array of services for the University community, such as dormitories, a cafeteria and a bar, a 5-a-side soccer field, a tennis court, an equipped gym, an outdoor fitness track, as well as being closely located to a municipal swimming pool. -
Via Magliotto, 2 - 17100 Savona
+019 21945100 -



La Spezia Campus


Since 2001, the Polytechnic School is also located in the city of La Spezia within the Guglielmo Marconi Campus.

The Campus is located on an area of about 14.000 square meters known as the ‘Hill of the Cappuccini’, which used to be the Italian Navy’s shore signal station. The structure is equipped with teaching rooms, IT labs, a library and study rooms. The educational experiment lab is located at the Maritime Military Arsenal of La Spezia.
Via dei Colli, 90 - 19121 La Spezia
+0187 751265 - 0187 778523
Last update 18 February 2022