Three-year engineering degree courses freshmen have been welcomed in a meeting
during which information has been provided information about

  • lesson timetables and their locations,

  • starting Engineering study courses
    (assessment of initial knowledges, English B1 assessment, study plans, etc.)

  • student support services.

See here presentations of the meeting

The Polytechnic School, in collaboration with the Language Skills Development Department (CLAT), offers 60-hour self-study B2 English courses to its students. 

English B2 verification tests are provided for all self-study courses.

The National Institute of Metrological Research awards the five best master's degree theses relating to precision measurements or studies, both theoretical and experimental, of phenomena or technologies that can contribute, directly or indirectly, to the science of measurements or to the verification of the laws of nature


For the start of the lessons, the Polytechnic School provides lessons and workshops mainly in presence


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